Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finally...the Clevingers meet the Bakers!!!

This weekend we got to have a delightful dinner with two amazing people and their stunningly beautiful Ethiopian daughter. Having gone step-by-step through this process alongside this family made this meeting even sweeter. About a year ago we were so excited to find another KY family adopting from Ethiopia...The Bakers. We waited anxiously to receive our I-171Hs and then the tumultuous wait for a referral. We had plans to meet in Addis, as they left and we arrived, however the epic that was our trip delayed us so much that we missed seeing them. So finally, on Friday night, wet met the Bakers and darling Sophia! Ian was a little Romeo at first trying to get an keep her attention. Then he put on a squealing show, stole everything she tried to play with, and ended with some good natured toy throwing! We crawled around in the floor of the restaurant and took lots of pictures of the two of them. It was inexplicably nice to talk to these people. They know our plight. Not necessarily just the adoptive parent aspect, but the new parent aspect. The toddler parent aspect. The interracial family aspect. I am so thankful that Ian and Sophia will be long time friends but I am even more grateful that we finally have the Bakers in our circle to lean on for advice and support during this adventure called parenthood.

This boy knows his way around a computer and a Blackberry!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dancing baby

Spokesperson for Gold Fish crackers!

He is showing his strong face!

Ian is quite the little dancer these days! He knows its cute so he uses it as a way to divert attention when he is being mischievous!

We don't really have anything to report on the adoption front. The courts are closed and scheduled to reopen the last week of September. We will keep our fingers crossed that we get a court date and travel plans before Christmas. My optimistic side is absent these days. I try to remember that the blessings are the children not my time lines being granted. I was able to send two care packages to our little darling this month. I look so forward to getting some new pictures of her and finding out if she was happy. I know that knowing about us could possibly be taking a toll on her. As children leave the place she is now I worry that she may wonder why we aren't coming. In the letters I send her I tell her that we are trying very hard to get all of the paperwork together. It is a process that is difficult for many adults I know to understand much less a precious child waiting for parents. Where oh where did my positive attitude go??

We are trying to keep busy and doing a great job at it. Playtime around here is 24/7. Ian is trying to get over a nasty little ear infection and runny nose. I think it is mostly allergy related but I dread the coming months of winter sickness.

Ian is doing and saying everything. He is a total mocking bird so you have to be careful about what is said. If I am on the phone griping about something he walks around the room acting like he is fussing at someone. I am teaching him bad habits! Oops! He knows who we all are now and freely points everyone out in pictures. I finally get my own title now. Before I was either Sissy or Daddy. Thank goodness he throws me a bone every now and then! Ian is still sleeping in our bed. He starts every night in the pack and play (since the crib is all the way upstairs and down a hall) and about 1 am he wakes up (completely if I don't hurry) and wants in our bed, wants a cup of juice and wants his mommy to snuggle him up. I have learned to do things in my sleep that I never knew possible and not even remember that I did them until I find evidence the next morning. I have learned that intermittent sleep is better than no sleep. I have learned that the kitchen is a long way from the bed...come prepared for war. I have learned that Ian's back has a spring in it that prohibits him from laying in bed and going to sleep the easy way. I have learned that it isn't bedtime until I have broken a sweat, spilled juice all in the bed, and jiggled my leg until the muscle revolts in fatigue! I have also learned that if it can electrocute, fall on, or otherwise harm, it must be a fun toy, why else would mommy run and shriek every time I get near it?? My day is about keeping him alive and assembled. I am learning the joys of parenting a toddler boy. What a joy this child brings me and what a blessed mother I am. Enjoy the video.