Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last week is a blur. We got a new court date and passed court all in the same week. How does that happen? Now what you ask? We leave for Ethiopia in just 9 short days! I can't believe our travel is so soon. I have been packing and gathering things like a mad woman. So here are the plans. I am going to Ethiopia without Cortney. He is sitting this one out and staying here because of some health issues that came up after our last trip to Ethiopia. Nothing bad, just need him on his game when we return and not out of commission for a month like last time. Who is going in his place??? It is a lengthy list. Ian of course is going with me. We debated about was short...I am taking him. I just cannot be without him for a week. Cortney feels the same way but I am persuasive and I won. He will be grumpy during the plane rides I am certain but a delight during the trip I am hoping :) My sister, Jamie, my best friend, Andrea, and none other than THE Amy Breedlove. Oh did I mention that we are sharing the guest house with Lara Byars and little Mercy too? It is going to be one giant sized slumber party at Ayat house!!!

Not much longer now and I will get to look at those beautiful brown eyes in person!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new look and a little hope

I hope the next post you see on this blog has my little girl's face as the first thing you see!!! And that could be as early as THURSDAY!)!*#!*_)#(!)*$

Fingers crossed...praying it's official on Thursday.

Helping out...(this was recycle trash so not too heavy--don't call social services just yet!!)

Happy Birthday Dustin!!!! PS. That isn't Dustin's hair in the background!

Ian and Sophia hanging out in their pajamas.