Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogging has nearly ceased to happen. If I'm gonna give it a try...its got to be short. So straight to the point here. We have 3 very active and beautiful children, zero time for much else, and we are so happy! Cecily started school and loves it! She is doing great. I want to say her English is great but I don't really have any non-English speaker to compare her to. She speaks in full, dramatic, descriptive sentences and has complete conversations with us about any and everything. She started another session of gymnastics and will start soccer in a week. She loves to ride her bike, scooter, play with friends...all the usual little girl things. She loves to paint her nails, fix her hair and play dress-up too! I have some really cute pictures on facebook of her dressing up in princess clothes (Ian too, which is super cute and funny)! She loves to do all of the little girl things. I sometimes forget that she missed out on years of playing and we try to let her play like a 5 year old even as 10 approaches!

Ian, where do I start. He is one funny little clown. He is typical two I am gathering and he keeps us on the move. We are not making much progress on potty training, as he has decided only to go to the potty when and where he wants to and at no other time! He does make quite the habit however out of undressing himself, going in the floor, and telling us about his accomplishment. We are working on the meantime, we clean the carpet frequently. He LOVES to play outside. We would stay outside from daylight till dark 7 days a week, rain/snow/sleet or shine. He loves the water and getting dirty..all the little boy things! As he continues to assert his independence, he still clings fiercely to his momma! I love it at night when he hugs my neck and says in his cutest toddler voice, "I love you momma, you love me?". Melts me. God makes them so cute, funny, and sweet to make up for the times when they pour a whole box of goldfish out in the floor or wake you up by hitting the toilet brush against the bed. Or maybe the times they screech in horror at the entrance of Walmart and beg for someone to help them making you look just like a big ole kidnapper. Precious.

Pyper is a sweet little thing! We all are adjusting to her sleep schedule. Ian's love for her is growing. He loves to hit, I mean pat her head, and jab, I mean gently offer her pacifier to her! If he's quiet..she won't be for long! Cecily is wonderful with Pyper. She is the best big sister. Cecily told me the other day that she wished Pyper was brown like her and Ian. I asked why, expecting something about wanting to look alike or another adoption issue. Nope. She said she wished Pyper was brown so she didn't turn red in the sun like me. Ha.

I would love to post the million pictures that I have of my beautiful, wonderful, amazing kids but I HATE blogger's upload tool. It annoys me terribly. So I will post a link of the most beautiful slideshow of our recent pics. The beginning ones are all of Pyper (her first photos), stay tuned to the end for pics of my Ethiopian beauties. You will see that it is totally worth the wait =)

Zoombug Photos

Click and enjoy!


The Redman's said...

BREATHTAKING photos!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jocelyn said...

I just love this picture so much!! Great update Lindsey... the kids sound like they are doing wonderful!! Hopefully next year we can all try getting together again!! Thanks for the response this week..I appreciate it so much!

Jen said...

Beautiful! All of them.

Amy B. said...

Oh my gosh! The toilet brush comment had me cracking up! You make me laugh so hard. Love those kiddos :)

kristen said...

they are all absolutely stunning children! simply gorgeous - each of them! everyone sounds to be doing well - i am so thrilled for you all and can only imagine that there is little, if any, time left to blog. :)

by the way, i HATE blogger uploads for pictures too. VERY annoying.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Your family is just gorgeous.

Lori S said...

I am so glad that I checked in with you! good to be friends on facebook!! Your kids are beautiful!! I'm so glad that all is working out so wonderfully for you!!
Faven and Diborah are finally settling in! (o:
I received an email from one of Faven's teachers recently that described her as charming and a born leader!! So GOOD to hear such positive words to describe my little girl!! She's going to be ok! (o:

Keva L said...

I cant believe it i found you! Oh my, she is so beautiful(both of them...haha)!!!
I enjoyed reading and catching up!


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