Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Very Merry Clevinger Christmas!

Christmas was super special this year! This was Ian's first Christmas in the USA spent with many friends and family. It was very different from the Christmas we spent just one year ago in Ethiopia. I think that Cortney and I had deeper appreciation for the festivities and opportunity to celebrate the way we do. So many do not enjoy this luxury. We tried to impart that on my nieces and nephews as they opened the abundance of presents stacked high in front of the Christmas tree. It is not a reality for them as it has been for our darling M*. Many times we stood back and wondered what she will think of all this next year. The lights, food, singing, games, toys, trees, ornaments.... Most importantly I wonder what she thinks this year. As she celebrates another Christmas without a family. We know she is happy and healthy and we are thankful that she is in the fine care of Gladney. We know that she loves her friends and caregivers but my arms ache to hold her and I can't wait to be her mother.

Ian played and played...and played with his cousins. He had so much fun and he was so good! He ate tons of food, lots of ice cream at Nana's house and had the world's worst belly ache! It was my best Christmas ever! It was the Christmas I've dreamed about. Watching my son be amazed by the lights and pretty paper. Watching him enjoy our families and play with the train around the tree. This was what I had as a child and just what I wanted for him. other words.

We continue the count down to court. I have not packed or made a list of things to pack or stocked up on things or any of the neurotic things I did last year. I am too afraid of not passing court and facing months more of delays. We always hope that it will not be this way but with international adoption you just never know. We are bracing ourselves for the worst but praying for the optimal outcome.

Happy New Year!

Ian and Papaw playing 52 card pick-up!
Ian and Uncle TT tooting on the flute

My pretty baby

The toy of all toys...the one that made him screech in horror when he had to get off and go to bed...consequently the toy that was parked beside of our bed for 3 days.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 year ago today...

I guess every person has little anniversaries that stick out from the normal day-to-day. Things aside from birthday, wedding, holiday, proposal... As an adoptive mom I celebrate things like "Referral Day", "Court Date", and the most wonderful of them all, "In My Arms Forever day". I remember each event that led up to that moment when two very weary travelers, who had braved over 60 hours of missed flights, lay-overs, and airline changes and 10 pieces of perfectly matched luggage, arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was here that one tiny boy was waiting to steal us from the childless life we looked forward to leaving behind. With pounding hearts and tear filled eyes, our in-country rep handed this perfect little person to me, to be with me forever. I stroked his head and kissed his cheeks like I had been dreaming of doing since the beginning of the daunting paperchase. I squeezed him tightly and allowed myself to be mesmerized by his beauty. He was mine. Finally we had him.

Those days that followed were magical. We have watched him grow from a shaky, unenthusiastic infant to a grown up little boy full of life and love. I have spent 12 months toting him around so prideful I could burst. Proud of my beautiful, intelligent son...proud to be his mother.

We are thankful today for the opportunity to know Ian and to be his parents. We never knew what an amazing journey parenthood would be. Making the trek with him has made life very entertaining to say the least! I know each day that God's plans are perfect. Our family has grown and is continuing to grow in the way God planned. I am just so grateful that His plan included letting Ian be with us.

Here's to one year together!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Since when does an 18 month old not need any sleep? We cut out a the second nap, put him to bed later and still for months he gets up at 2-3am and stays up until 5-6am. Once in a while he will throw us a bone and sleep all night...maybe 1 night a week if we are super lucky. He doesn't cry at night. Just screams in delight, claps his hands, jibber jabbers, yells mommy and daddy. You name 3am he is doing it. We try to take turns getting up but really he will not let anyone sleep. Mystery. Today he had zero nap time. No nap. You would have thought that he would just fall over somewhere asleep..nope. He will not go to sleep unless I have adequately rocked, hummed, shook, juiced...ahhh. Sweet sleep...I miss it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


WE HAVE A COURT DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! January 27th is hopefully the day our sweet girl will officially become a Clevinger.