Thursday, January 29, 2009

no dice

Court was rescheduled for March 10th. We are sad for us and upset for M*. We finally have power again after the horrible ice storm that hit a few days ago. Enjoy the pictures of the precious thing keeping my heart warm.

Yesterday as I unpacked her suitcase full of things I had packed I decided that we have to hand this burden over. I have to trust that God will be with her and help her to understand why we are taking so long. No more counting down and worrying with travel arrangements and planning when we will possibly travel. We have had her referral officially for 7 months and if you had told me we would still be waiting on court I would have laughed in your face. Guess the joke is on me.
Thank you to our dear friends Sean and Andrea who put us up last night, kept us warm, cozy, and very entertained on such a depressing night. Thanks for sharing your warm house!

Ian and Sophia waiting for a table
cuteness that happens while I'm at work

yummy snow (not the yellow kind that our dog makes!)

Just wanted to document for when Cortney wonders why he is sick?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

not a yes but not a no

After getting an email today from Gladney around 1:45 stating that they could not make contact with our in country rep due to communication issues I ended up getting a phone call. Natalie called a bit after 2 to say they had made contact with Belay via email and he was able to send limited information. MOWA did not have an opinion ready for our case today however the judge saw our daughter and her uncle and completed her relinquishment. The judge asked that the Gladney reps come back to court tomorrow to decide how to proceed. So, our case is remaining open until tomorrow when the judge will decide whether to set another date or leave it open until MOWA issues the opinion.

We ask that you continue to pray for all of the families who have been affected by this. Pray for my sweet daughter, that God will give her peace and make time pass by quickly.


I guess all hope is not lost but it doesn't look promising for us today. Natalie told us yesterday that due to MOWA being closed for two days the opinion may not be issued for our case. It has all already happened so now I go to work and wait for Natalie to call and tell us what happens from here. If a miracle happened and they issued an opinion before court..we are through (unless something else holds us up). If not, our case may stay open and on the judges desk until the opinion is issued and then we are through. Or, we could have to wait for a new court date and do this all again in 1 to 1.5 months. I am saddened. I trust God's plan and I know that he has never left me or my sweet daughter in this whole process. I worry about her hopes and expectations. I did not know until yesterday that she will appear in court. Therefore she knows that court is happening and will subsequently wonder where the heck we are in the coming weeks/months. I know that she probably woke up excited and nervous and went to court where our case may not have even been heard. My heart is broken for her far more than for me.

We got an update yesterday. Kind of bittersweet I guess. She told us that she loves us very much and wants to know when we are coming. She said that she loves her brother and is so excited to meet him. She also hopes that we can find families for her friends.

I work 9-9 today so I will try to get some emails out when we get the news. Maybe my sister will put something on the blog for me. Take care and pray for my little girl.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Single digits

We are now only 9 days away from our court date. I am about as anxious and nervous as any person can get. I am fearful that we will not pass simply because it just seems to be the norm these days. One week from a very historical Tuesday, a court will convene and a fate will be determined. I could be on a plane in just under a month to bring home our long awaited newest family member. Over a year ago the journey to her started and we pray that Tuesday, Jan 27th is successful.

Hanging on by a thread for 9 more days.

Monday, January 12, 2009

my favorite time is now

I know this may be a shocker but I am living in the favorite time of my life. I will begin with a little disclaimer. I am aware that court has not successfully happened yet and I am waiting anxiously to bring home a beautiful person who will add more happiness to my life than I ever thought possible but I am talking about today.

As I look back at pictures from the past months and see what a tiny baby Ian has changed from I tend to get a little sappy. It seemed that our time with him as an infant was so short..too short. Before I knew it he was wiggling to get out of my lap and pushing my kisses away. I dreaded the transition to this toddler age because it meant an expression of his independence and I just was not ready. I knew that when the walking started and the bottles stopped, he was officially crossing over. How could I have dreaded that? It is so wonderful. I want to hang on to each day because I just know no other day could ever be better than this one. Then I wake up to this precious little boy who hugs my neck and gives me unsolicited kisses and realize that every moment is my favorite time. Every day is more perfect than the last and I am the most blessed person alive.

Life will continue to change very rapidly for us. I will continue to enjoy each change and embrace the moments I have with my wonderful children. Finally, the grass is not "greener" anywhere else on earth.
I leave you with pictures of Ian and his best friend forever!